The National Blood Data Resource Center (NBDRC) is an independent not-for-profit corporation, conceived and founded by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) in 1997. 


The NBDRC collects, analyzes and distributes data on all aspects of blood banking and transfusion medicine; hematopoietic, cellular and gene therapies; and tissue transplantation and related procedures.


  • The data reports and research services offered by the NBDRC to its members and customers provide information critical to addressing the immediate and future needs of the blood banking and transfusion medicine community.
  • NBDRC reports assist blood bank and transfusion service administrators in improving operational efficiency and maximizing available resources.
  • Industry suppliers and business consultants utilize NBDRC data to forecast trends in blood collections and transfusions.
  • NBDRC research findings have contributed to policymaking at national, regional and local levels.

Current Research Activities

  • Nationwide Blood Collection and Utilization Survey
  • Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Investigational Lookback Study
  • The Relative Utilization of Blood Components by DRGs and Patient Demographics
  • Collection of Monthly Blood Supply Monitoring Data from a Representative Sample of U.S. Blood Services

Membership Opportunities

The NBDRC invites you to become a participant in this important initiative. You may choose from a variety of membership options.

Institutional Membership entitles your institution (a hospital or a blood center) to receive one copy of all NBDRC data reports. To qualify, your facility must respond to the biennial Nationwide Blood Collection and Utilization Survey. These operational data are collected on a nationwide scale and reported as summaries which do not allow the identification of any individual blood center or hospital.

Individual Membership entitles an individual with an interest in the activities of the blood community to support the NBDRC financially, without the requirement of contributing operational data. Individual members will receive selected reports, as well as the Annual Newsletter, an executive summary of key findings from NBDRC studies conducted during the year.

The information contained in NBDRC data reports and the Annual Newsletter may help you to make clinical, technical and administrative decisions based on accurate and reliable data.

You can become an Institutional or Individual member immediately by completing and faxing the attached Enrollment Form to (301) 951-3637.  Click here Membership to become a member of the NBDRC.

Charter Membership entitles your company or institution to receive all NBDRC data reports, as well as participate in research topic development, including the proposal of survey questions, the opportunity to commission special studies, and a discount on custom analysis of NBDRC databases.

 Current Charter Members:

Abbott Laboratories


Abbott Laboratories

Baxter Healthcare Corporation

Bristol Myers Squibb

Chiron Corporation

Terumo BCT (former Gambro BCT)   

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Roche Diagnostics

Please call 301-215-6506 for details on becoming a Basic or Charter Member,
or email us at [email protected]


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