The NBDRC conducts the Nationwide Blood Collection and Utilization Survey biennially. This year’s survey, the largest and most comprehensive ever produced in the field, captured detailed quantitative data describing blood collections, component preparation, medications, laboratory screening tests, leukoreduction, transfusion practices, and other issues of current interest to the blood services community.

New Reports:

Comprehensive Report on Blood Collection and Transfusion in the United States in 2001 $10,000
Table of Contents  

Component Costs
module extracted from the Comprehensive Report
presents aggregate results from 1,138 hospitals for:
  • packed red cells
  • fresh frozen plasma (FFP)
  • platelets from whole blood
  • platelets, pheresis
analyses include:
  • comparison of 2001 vs 1999 costs
  • geographic differences
  • stratification by surgical volume
  • comparison by ownership

Cellular Therapy Products
module extracted from the Comprehensive Report
presents results from hospitals and blood centers for:
  • peripheral blood progenitor cells
  • bone marrow
  • cord blood
  • lymphocytes
  • cells generated in culture
analyses include:
  • autologous and allogeneic collections
  • processing activity
  • infusion episodes and recipients
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2002 Nationwide Survey Reports:

  • The Comprehensive Report on Blood Collection and Transfusion in the United States in 2001 summarizes data collected from the institutions that participated in the 2002 Nationwide Survey. The detailed information contained in the report reflects current practices and historical trends in the rapidly changing blood banking and transfusion medicine industry. The report is now available for purchase by non-members.

  • The Executive Summary of the Report on Blood Collection and Transfusion in the United States in 2001 presents the key findings of the 2002 Nationwide Survey. This summary discusses historical trends in collection and transfusion. Designed to keep individuals with an interest in healthcare issues informed about the blood supply, this five-page statistical report contains numerous tables and graphs and is available at no additional charge to Individual Members of NBDRC. For more information, please email us at [email protected]

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Commissioned Studies and Custom Analyses:

The NBDRC conducts customized research and provides data collection services for clients and members on a cost-plus-fixed-fee basis. In addition, existing databases can be analyzed to meet the specific needs of a customer.  For more information, please email us at [email protected].

The NBDRC works closely with each client to create a customized report, or series of reports, that meets their need for statistical information critical to accurate forecasting of blood services. For example, forecasts of future blood collections or component distribution patterns provide blood collection centers with valuable information for planning and budgeting purposes. These are produced using data submitted monthly by a nationally representative sample of 26 blood centers. Forecasts developed from this dense time-series of data have proven to be extremely accurate. Forecasts can also be generated from data for a targeted geographic region of the United States, according to a client’s specifications.

The changing age-structure of the U.S. population will have a profound effect on both the supply of and the demand for blood. The next 20 to 30 years will be marked by rapid growth in the population over age 65. The NBDRC assists blood centers and hospital transfusion services in planning for the future by providing customized population projections. These geographically-targeted analyses utilize data from the 2000 Census, historical census data, and data from NBDRC’s unique national transfusion database to project the demand for blood in the coming years. This sophisticated merger of population demographics and blood utilization trends provides a valuable resource for institutions struggling to meet the rapidly increasing demand for blood and cellular therapy products and services.

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