2000 Nationwide Blood Collection and Utilization Survey
Completed by more than 2,000 Hospitals and Blood Centers

Bethesda, MD - September 5, 2000 -- The National Blood Data Resource Center (NBDRC) received an unprecedented response to its 2000 Nationwide Blood Collection and Utilization Survey, with more than 2,000 institutions completing the biennial survey of blood services activities in the United States. The survey was designed to capture data to describe the volume of volunteer whole blood donations and blood transfusions in 1999. Ninety-nine percent—all but two—of the nation’s 146 blood centers completed the detailed questionnaire. Such response rates illustrate the center’s growing credibility among blood centers and hospitals nationwide and the value placed on its data collection efforts.

In order to allow for a precise assessment of adequacy of the nation’s blood supply, this year’s survey measured blood units specifically by group and type, such as O- and A+. Additional information to be uncovered by the survey included the number of donated units that tested positive for infectious disease markers last year, the number of stem cell transplants performed and the number of surgeries postponed due to blood shortages.

The NBDRC conducted a similar survey in 1998. Its findings revealed that, in 1997, the supply of screened whole blood and red blood cells that passed all screening tests (12.4 million) exceeded transfusions (11.5 million) by a margin of less than 900,000 units.

The results of the 2000 Survey will be available to NBDRC members and customers later this year. For more information about the 2000 Nationwide Blood Collection and Utilization Survey, please call the NBDRC at (301) 215-6506.


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