NBDRC Conducts QuiKount '01 Survey of Blood Donations

Bethesda, MD - September 6, 2001 -- The National Blood Data Resource  Center (NBDRC) is currently conducting a QuiKount Survey of United States (US) blood collections in order to develop a better estimate of the 2000 supply and to more accurately assess the adequacy of the current supply.

The NBDRC’s most recent nationwide survey of US blood services activities, the Nationwide Blood Collection and Utilization Survey, captured collection and transfusion data for 1999. The results confirmed that a significant increase in whole blood collections occurred in 1998-1999. The utilization data from that survey were analyzed with data from previous national surveys and were extrapolated to the year 2001. This projection, based on the assumption that the demand for red blood cells will continue to increase in the short-term at the same rate as that measured in 1999 (4% per year), is that the demand for blood this year will exceed 13 million units.

The QuiKount ‘01 Survey was designed to bridge the data gap between the center’s nationwide surveys which are conducted every two years. It is to be completed only by non-hospital based blood collection centers. The brief QuiKount Survey can be completed online on the NBDRC website, US blood centers are asked to provide whole blood collection data by calendar quarter for all of 2000 and the first six months of 2001. 

QuiKount ‘01 results will be announced at the Annual Meeting of the American Association of Blood Banks in San Antonio on October 14, 2001. Results will also be posted on the NBDRC website. For questions or information regarding the QuiKount ‘01 Survey, please call the National Blood Data Resource Center at (301) 215-6506.


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